…and we like ‘em.


We’ve been on our new system now for about 2½ years now and while we continue to work with technical support in suggesting changes and additions for improvements, we are pleased with its capabilities and functions. As you can imagine it took a little while to learn ‘ins and outs” but after much support, many phone calls (a few aggravated words) and tenacity, we have finally conquered. While we do not yet proclaim to be masters of the program, we are full speed ahead. The system has proven to be reliable, readily accessible and functional.


The web portal portion of what the system offers continues to be under used by our residents and board members alike. So much is at their disposal without having to ask for a report or wait for a manager to reply.


Probably the most time saving of all features pertains to the managers’ use. Using a tablet to generate work orders and covenant enforcement matters, while in the field, takes only a tad longer to use than the old system. However, the cost savings is experienced once the tablet is synchronized. What used to take 2 hours of inspections followed by 1-2 hours of administrative supports for letter printing and mailing now takes about 2¼ hours of inspection followed by about 30 minutes of letter printing and mailing.


What does this mean for our clients? Improved service, more efficient processing and more information faster. All this wrapped up means money saved.

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